A Toast. To You. To Me.

YOONIQ Images_Bicycle riding in holidays_YkRiRGY

To long lost dreams, passion, emotion, affection.

To those sacrificed, put away, ignored, surrendered, left, and hung out to dry.

To those moments of awakening and suffering, and the cycle of it.

To memories cherished and forgotten.

To people loved and hold dear.

To sweet beginnings and bitter endings.

To looking at life at a different perspective.

To being brave.

To continue trying.

To continue loving.

To continue believing.

To knowing that there are beautiful things and persons yet to discover and meet.

To courage and selflessness.

To giving a part of yourself to one person at a time.

And to continue to do so.

To the hope that fills you and embraces you.

To doing everything Still and In Spite.

To You. To me.

A Toast.


One Word. Struggling.

Because not all days are perfect and goes exactly the way I wanted it to be…

Because life truly has UPS and DOWNS

Because I refuse to give up and pity my self instead…

Because there are a lot of reasons life is worth living for…

Because I know it will all pay off in the end…

And because I am human, I acknowledge my weakness/flaws, and doing the right thing isn’t always easy…

I am proud to say, I am struggling..