To do your part or To do your best?


I went back and forth on this thought for most of my adult life thinking I should only choose one over the other. It was one fateful day that it struck me, there are moments when I have to do my part and there are times that I have to do my best.

To do your part is to do something that is required of you to succeed or accomplish a goal or task. To put effort in areas or things you have control over, to actually put in strength, to actually risk or just simply, to start doing something. This entails initiating and acting upon the call of the work. It means doing something even when you don’t feel like it, when you are starting to get jealous/insecure with your friend’s life/career, when you are beginning to point fingers at whose fault it is you’re life is this miserable when you know the finger should’ve been pointed at you. It’s the getting your ass on the field, ‘dirtying’ your hands on the toilet, burning the midnight oil, and of course I don’t mean these literally but you get the point: Sweat or bleed for something you want to have. Do your part.

To do your best is to put in energy, time, self more than what one can or is asked of. It’s going the extra mile when you are just expected to run a meter. It’s going out of your way to do the job, it’s putting love and passion in the equation, it’s being ‘reeaallyy gooood’ at what you do. Now of course, doing your best doesn’t always mean you’ll succeed, win, or things be going in your favor. Honey, this is not the point here at all. To do one’s best is to push yourself beyond the limit, and later, to look back in your life and be amazed at what you have proven to yourself. To do one’s best of course presupposes you are already doing your part of the work. For how could you do your best when you haven’t started anything at all?! Silly :p

With all this hanash, I guess the message I’m trying to get across, is for you my dear readers, to be able to determine what stage or phase or moment you are currently in right now. Are you in a rut, or perhaps having a writer’s block in life, or just simply bored to death? Or maybe you are doing something but have not gone all the way with it, or mediocrity is creeping in your work as time passes by? Take a deep look in your life right now and the things you do and ask yourself this: Right now, should I be doing my part or should I be doing my best? The answer wouldn’t be that complicated. It might be that you should be doing both or doing one before the other. As soon as the answer becomes crystal clear, commit to yourself these changes you want to be done.

My lovely chums, I hope this have helped you in some ways. God bless! ❤ 🙂

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credits to Natalya Rashevskaya