There will always be those people who are ‘not for you.’ And that is completely okay…

Because you are always reminded, that there are those who rooted for you right from the very beginning – those who believed with you in your dreams, those who rejoiced with you in your triumphs, and those who stood by with you no matter WHAT.

Fight the good fight… for them.

If you can no longer for yourself, do it for them. They too, are your strength.

If you are thinking of someone right now, be sure to say how thankful you are for them! Thank you and happy day ahead 😉



A Toast. To You. To Me.

YOONIQ Images_Bicycle riding in holidays_YkRiRGY

To long lost dreams, passion, emotion, affection.

To those sacrificed, put away, ignored, surrendered, left, and hung out to dry.

To those moments of awakening and suffering, and the cycle of it.

To memories cherished and forgotten.

To people loved and hold dear.

To sweet beginnings and bitter endings.

To looking at life at a different perspective.

To being brave.

To continue trying.

To continue loving.

To continue believing.

To knowing that there are beautiful things and persons yet to discover and meet.

To courage and selflessness.

To giving a part of yourself to one person at a time.

And to continue to do so.

To the hope that fills you and embraces you.

To doing everything Still and In Spite.

To You. To me.

A Toast.

What You Want Done In Your Name

“Shall I be remembered for mediocrity and ‘what could have been of her’?

Shall I just live my life under the shadows of my failures and misdeeds?

Shall I waste my life and trade the ever present hope of change and improvement with the despair that fills me and haunts me?

Shall I give up and succumb to grief while the world awaits me in my awakening and promise of bringing hope and change?

Do I really just want to be forgotten?

Do I really just want to waste my time and my life wallowing in being rejected?

I want to accomplish great tasks and do great things.

I want to be relevant, valuable and purposeful.

But I also want to remember that greatness starts by accomplishing first the small things.”

Make a decision to change, move on, and never look back.

What the past may have branded you with is of no value.

Stand up strong, reach for the stars and start fulfilling your destiny.

Start small. Continue with small. Until you look back and see how far you have come.

Greatness is already within you. Run my dear, and seize the world. 🙂

Janaina C. Falkiewicz_A Garden Full Of Books_YkFjQ2Y

Defying the Limits (I’ve Set For Myself)

And I don’t want to be the person who always looks back and asks myself,

What/Who could have I been?

Time to STEP OUT



time to BE ALIVE!

Rock on!


One Word. Struggling.

Because not all days are perfect and goes exactly the way I wanted it to be…

Because life truly has UPS and DOWNS

Because I refuse to give up and pity my self instead…

Because there are a lot of reasons life is worth living for…

Because I know it will all pay off in the end…

And because I am human, I acknowledge my weakness/flaws, and doing the right thing isn’t always easy…

I am proud to say, I am struggling..




Feeling Good y’all!

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift – that’s why it’s called PRESENT.” (Master Oogway, Kung Fu Panda)

Let’s start afresh this week! Cherish the good moments as well as the bad ones and in all of these, remember that today is always a new day to begin/start over with.

Happy New Week to everyone! Let’s sing and dance to one of Nina Simone’s classics.. Feeling Good yeah!

Feeling Good-Nina Simone




She Meets Light


And a new light shines

a new light arises

one she has never seen before

one she has been waiting for

across the room, through the window

right through her soul

right through her body.

She awakes from her sleep

she awakes from her ‘consciousness’

and she vows

never again,

to sleep while living

never again,

to sleep in a dream

to dream in a dream

to awake in an endless dream;

but to see while living

to behold while seeing

to live not in her dreams

but to live in the present,

in her present,

and to await for the light everyday,

because in the light there is no darkness.

And she

will never be again,

who she was

before the light.