There will always be those people who are ‘not for you.’ And that is completely okay…

Because you are always reminded, that there are those who rooted for you right from the very beginning – those who believed with you in your dreams, those who rejoiced with you in your triumphs, and those who stood by with you no matter WHAT.

Fight the good fight… for them.

If you can no longer for yourself, do it for them. They too, are your strength.

If you are thinking of someone right now, be sure to say how thankful you are for them! Thank you and happy day ahead 😉



Changing and Knowing Thyself


pic credit to INTVGene

In the world we live in today, where everything is fast paced and changing – lifestyles dictated and influenced heavily by media and social platforms – it is easy to be led astray and join the bandwagon. It is tempting to compare yourself on what you see on other peoples’ lives and be resentful of what or where you are right now. It is easy to “un-know” yourself. To think and be brainwashed to be someone society or media wants you to be. To later on look at your life in reflection and regret who you’ve become and what you’ve lost to be this person you don’t even recognize at all.

Au contraire, to know oneself does not mean to stay who you are, where you are, without any desire for change or progress or maturity. It does not mean to stay stagnant or stunted or repellent to any change. But we need to ask ourselves: Do we change for the true meaning of the word, or do we just change to conform with what is trending, with what is the standard? Do we change just to become the stereotype? Do we change just to become the person we don’t want to be?

To know oneself is crucial to the desire for change. If you lose track of who you are, your core values and principles as a person, you are likely to change just for the sake of changing. You’ll change any minute you see someone better than you, someone who has these luxuries or privileges or status, or someone well off. You’ll change but you are not going anywhere near progress. You ‘changed’ but you’re still the same person – just dressed in another form or style.

To know oneself is to be grounded with what you believe in, with your principles and values, even when people around you are drifting you in different directions. When you really know yourself apart from what others expect of you, you’ll desire change but not because you want to conform. You want to change because you’ve finally realized you are ready to take another step of progress and maturity. You’ll want to change because you want to be the person better than who you are right now. Whether some may agree or not, it wouldn’t matter anymore because you know who you really are … you don’t need and allow people to label you, restrict you, brand you or cage you into stereotypes.

Then you’ll feel true happiness and freedom – for being able to express who you really are, for being able to live your life the way you want it, for being able to change to become the person who you really want to be. 🙂

Have a blessed week ahead! God loves you!!!

Dear You…


I don’t know what is this that I feel…
I feel like I’m missing you when I don’t even know you
When I don’t even know if you exist

I feel the pull of the night

Making me think that under these stars

There is somewhere
From wherever part of the world
Someone who thinks and writes the same way

This time, I feel that it’s about me

I feel like you are calling me
Speaking to me in words I cannot hear
But faint prayers that say ‘wait for me’
Whispered pleads that make this heart beat fast
It is as if I feel that you are also missing me..

Who are you? And where could you be?
Time may have thought for us not to see each other yet
Time might have spared us first, preserved
‘Let us wait in line, or in time’

When the day comes and we finally meet
I’ll make you see that even though we’ve each been through a lot
Before finally being with each other’s arms
I have always loved you and waited for you

Right from the very start

Sorry if I have mistaken you for someone else
Or if I thought their promises are good enough to make me not wait for you
Sorry if I have doubted you’ll come
I’m sorry if I thought you didn’t deserve me because of my past
I’m sorry because I was so desperate to meet you that I went out of my way to find people who really didn’t belong to me
I’m sorry if I’ve destroyed relationships
Sorry to have hurt someone only to find out it was not them who I really want
Sorry to have made others wait for me unfairly while I try to make myself love them back

Or sorry because I have muddied/trashed myself waiting for them to reciprocate my feelings
Sorry I have done all these things just because I couldn’t wait for you
Just because I wouldn’t believe there’s something great still yet to come
That you are that something and someone great.

I’m sorry.

Let me start again,

This time, I will wait for you.

And when that time comes that we finally meet, then the song came true:

‘That God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you.’


A Toast. To You. To Me.

YOONIQ Images_Bicycle riding in holidays_YkRiRGY

To long lost dreams, passion, emotion, affection.

To those sacrificed, put away, ignored, surrendered, left, and hung out to dry.

To those moments of awakening and suffering, and the cycle of it.

To memories cherished and forgotten.

To people loved and hold dear.

To sweet beginnings and bitter endings.

To looking at life at a different perspective.

To being brave.

To continue trying.

To continue loving.

To continue believing.

To knowing that there are beautiful things and persons yet to discover and meet.

To courage and selflessness.

To giving a part of yourself to one person at a time.

And to continue to do so.

To the hope that fills you and embraces you.

To doing everything Still and In Spite.

To You. To me.

A Toast.

The ‘Tunnel Vision’


Whenever I hear the word tunnel vision, what pops in my head is the article I long read before about love and relationships. That sometimes we tend to have a tunnel vision, refusing to see that there are still other persons out there once we broke up with someone/got rejected. In short, we become close-minded/narrow-minded individuals refusing to see that there’s still more than the dot of light at the end of the tunnel.

Likewise, applying it in Life is pretty much the same. We cannot stay boxed, nor be stagnant in where we are, because life will surely pass us on by. 2015 is one hell of a roller coaster ride and I realized, there are things/people worth keeping for and there are also those worth leaving behind.

This year 2016, we must adjust our sights and overcome the tunnel vision syndrome. Think out of the box, live out of the box. If we choose to stay behind and live in past memories, it is only ourselves to blame in ruining our future.

We cannot be people of yesterday.

We are of today and for the future.

Have a nice week ahead 🙂