Changing and Knowing Thyself


pic credit to INTVGene

In the world we live in today, where everything is fast paced and changing – lifestyles dictated and influenced heavily by media and social platforms – it is easy to be led astray and join the bandwagon. It is tempting to compare yourself on what you see on other peoples’ lives and be resentful of what or where you are right now. It is easy to “un-know” yourself. To think and be brainwashed to be someone society or media wants you to be. To later on look at your life in reflection and regret who you’ve become and what you’ve lost to be this person you don’t even recognize at all.

Au contraire, to know oneself does not mean to stay who you are, where you are, without any desire for change or progress or maturity. It does not mean to stay stagnant or stunted or repellent to any change. But we need to ask ourselves: Do we change for the true meaning of the word, or do we just change to conform with what is trending, with what is the standard? Do we change just to become the stereotype? Do we change just to become the person we don’t want to be?

To know oneself is crucial to the desire for change. If you lose track of who you are, your core values and principles as a person, you are likely to change just for the sake of changing. You’ll change any minute you see someone better than you, someone who has these luxuries or privileges or status, or someone well off. You’ll change but you are not going anywhere near progress. You ‘changed’ but you’re still the same person – just dressed in another form or style.

To know oneself is to be grounded with what you believe in, with your principles and values, even when people around you are drifting you in different directions. When you really know yourself apart from what others expect of you, you’ll desire change but not because you want to conform. You want to change because you’ve finally realized you are ready to take another step of progress and maturity. You’ll want to change because you want to be the person better than who you are right now. Whether some may agree or not, it wouldn’t matter anymore because you know who you really are … you don’t need and allow people to label you, restrict you, brand you or cage you into stereotypes.

Then you’ll feel true happiness and freedom – for being able to express who you really are, for being able to live your life the way you want it, for being able to change to become the person who you really want to be. 🙂

Have a blessed week ahead! God loves you!!!




There are these times when staying up late makes you browse through pictures you’ve posted online. And by pictures I mean the ones where no one else but you is in the photo. Yeah, SELFIES! The ones worth sharing and posting. The ones where you look good and happy. The ones where you look like you’re living the perfect life. The ones worth hash-tagging with these:

#happyme #happykid #me #ootd #loveyourself #selfie #nofilter #instagood #follow

 At first you’re giddy about it. Oh that stunning blue dress you wore at the wedding. That hot guy from one of your class just liked your pic. That you gained a lot of followers. That you nailed OOTDs every single time. And so on and so on… Then out of nowhere, like a struck of lighting, it hit you. It hit you hard and you wonder. How come I look so good and happy in these pics yet I’m feeling so hopeless right now? How come I look stunningly gorgeous yet still be single? How come I looked like I’m living a perfect life yet everybody’s just giving me a hard time? How come I looked so happy yet I feel so empty inside?

You look closely at yourself in this no filter image that you claim and you begin to see another person. You wonder if there’s really a moment in your life you looked that good and happy? Did that ever happen to you? No? Well mine just did a year ago. An epiphany.

Sad but true, we take our pics the way we want others to see us.

 I wonder then what will happen if we take a picture of ourselves in the very moment we felt otherwise. Moments of pain, abandonment, rejection, humiliation, violence, martyrdom, loss of a loved one, anxiety, fear, failure, and all others of the same like that we refuse others to see in us…

Assuming we did do it, what would then happen next? Would we gather the same response as before? Would social media restrict us? Better yet, the right question is, would people accept it as legitimate selfie? Would that be within the standard? But wouldn’t that be more human, more real and more in touch with us? Simply put, wouldn’t that be the real embodiment of the word ‘selfie’? But again why do it, if we can do otherwise?


We live in a world where we keep saying we want change. We want to change for the best. But we refuse to admit the truth of our identities. We refuse to admit our faults, our weaknesses, our frailties. We pose and pose just like a model in a cover magazine always trying to look perfect. For whom? For our egos and for our pride that is. We changed yes, but into a hollow being with a vacuum inside. We feed on the affirmation of others. We feed and make up each other’s ego.

We update others of our fun moments but remain oblivious on the bad times. We create two identities of ourselves. We are like actors. Or maybe worse, we are dissociating ourselves. We are destroying ourselves. We are becoming loners and we finally end up in the rabbit hole. We are not getting any better. We are not getting any help. Why would we? Our selfies don’t look like we need one.

Humanity, being real, being true, being honest, being free, being able to express yourself, being spontaneous, being uncontrolled, being simple, being yourself. Being more than a filtered image; being far extensive; far touching; far inspiring. That is the true selfie.

A creation not out of technology; A creation grandiose in its own existence; a creation born out of love; a creation with goals, desires, faith, principles, compassion, and destiny. We are Humans. We have life; we have a value; we have a purpose; we have emotions; and we are all good and interesting things encapsulated in one body. We are great even without the affirmation of others. Because we are the pride of but One Creator. We are His children. And we are who we are because He is who He is.