To do your part or To do your best?


I went back and forth on this thought for most of my adult life thinking I should only choose one over the other. It was one fateful day that it struck me, there are moments when I have to do my part and there are times that I have to do my best.

To do your part is to do something that is required of you to succeed or accomplish a goal or task. To put effort in areas or things you have control over, to actually put in strength, to actually risk or just simply, to start doing something. This entails initiating and acting upon the call of the work. It means doing something even when you don’t feel like it, when you are starting to get jealous/insecure with your friend’s life/career, when you are beginning to point fingers at whose fault it is you’re life is this miserable when you know the finger should’ve been pointed at you. It’s the getting your ass on the field, ‘dirtying’ your hands on the toilet, burning the midnight oil, and of course I don’t mean these literally but you get the point: Sweat or bleed for something you want to have. Do your part.

To do your best is to put in energy, time, self more than what one can or is asked of. It’s going the extra mile when you are just expected to run a meter. It’s going out of your way to do the job, it’s putting love and passion in the equation, it’s being ‘reeaallyy gooood’ at what you do. Now of course, doing your best doesn’t always mean you’ll succeed, win, or things be going in your favor. Honey, this is not the point here at all. To do one’s best is to push yourself beyond the limit, and later, to look back in your life and be amazed at what you have proven to yourself. To do one’s best of course presupposes you are already doing your part of the work. For how could you do your best when you haven’t started anything at all?! Silly :p

With all this hanash, I guess the message I’m trying to get across, is for you my dear readers, to be able to determine what stage or phase or moment you are currently in right now. Are you in a rut, or perhaps having a writer’s block in life, or just simply bored to death? Or maybe you are doing something but have not gone all the way with it, or mediocrity is creeping in your work as time passes by? Take a deep look in your life right now and the things you do and ask yourself this: Right now, should I be doing my part or should I be doing my best? The answer wouldn’t be that complicated. It might be that you should be doing both or doing one before the other. As soon as the answer becomes crystal clear, commit to yourself these changes you want to be done.

My lovely chums, I hope this have helped you in some ways. God bless! ❤ 🙂

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credits to Natalya Rashevskaya


Changing and Knowing Thyself


pic credit to INTVGene

In the world we live in today, where everything is fast paced and changing – lifestyles dictated and influenced heavily by media and social platforms – it is easy to be led astray and join the bandwagon. It is tempting to compare yourself on what you see on other peoples’ lives and be resentful of what or where you are right now. It is easy to “un-know” yourself. To think and be brainwashed to be someone society or media wants you to be. To later on look at your life in reflection and regret who you’ve become and what you’ve lost to be this person you don’t even recognize at all.

Au contraire, to know oneself does not mean to stay who you are, where you are, without any desire for change or progress or maturity. It does not mean to stay stagnant or stunted or repellent to any change. But we need to ask ourselves: Do we change for the true meaning of the word, or do we just change to conform with what is trending, with what is the standard? Do we change just to become the stereotype? Do we change just to become the person we don’t want to be?

To know oneself is crucial to the desire for change. If you lose track of who you are, your core values and principles as a person, you are likely to change just for the sake of changing. You’ll change any minute you see someone better than you, someone who has these luxuries or privileges or status, or someone well off. You’ll change but you are not going anywhere near progress. You ‘changed’ but you’re still the same person – just dressed in another form or style.

To know oneself is to be grounded with what you believe in, with your principles and values, even when people around you are drifting you in different directions. When you really know yourself apart from what others expect of you, you’ll desire change but not because you want to conform. You want to change because you’ve finally realized you are ready to take another step of progress and maturity. You’ll want to change because you want to be the person better than who you are right now. Whether some may agree or not, it wouldn’t matter anymore because you know who you really are … you don’t need and allow people to label you, restrict you, brand you or cage you into stereotypes.

Then you’ll feel true happiness and freedom – for being able to express who you really are, for being able to live your life the way you want it, for being able to change to become the person who you really want to be. 🙂

Have a blessed week ahead! God loves you!!!

What You Want Done In Your Name

“Shall I be remembered for mediocrity and ‘what could have been of her’?

Shall I just live my life under the shadows of my failures and misdeeds?

Shall I waste my life and trade the ever present hope of change and improvement with the despair that fills me and haunts me?

Shall I give up and succumb to grief while the world awaits me in my awakening and promise of bringing hope and change?

Do I really just want to be forgotten?

Do I really just want to waste my time and my life wallowing in being rejected?

I want to accomplish great tasks and do great things.

I want to be relevant, valuable and purposeful.

But I also want to remember that greatness starts by accomplishing first the small things.”

Make a decision to change, move on, and never look back.

What the past may have branded you with is of no value.

Stand up strong, reach for the stars and start fulfilling your destiny.

Start small. Continue with small. Until you look back and see how far you have come.

Greatness is already within you. Run my dear, and seize the world. 🙂

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The ‘Tunnel Vision’


Whenever I hear the word tunnel vision, what pops in my head is the article I long read before about love and relationships. That sometimes we tend to have a tunnel vision, refusing to see that there are still other persons out there once we broke up with someone/got rejected. In short, we become close-minded/narrow-minded individuals refusing to see that there’s still more than the dot of light at the end of the tunnel.

Likewise, applying it in Life is pretty much the same. We cannot stay boxed, nor be stagnant in where we are, because life will surely pass us on by. 2015 is one hell of a roller coaster ride and I realized, there are things/people worth keeping for and there are also those worth leaving behind.

This year 2016, we must adjust our sights and overcome the tunnel vision syndrome. Think out of the box, live out of the box. If we choose to stay behind and live in past memories, it is only ourselves to blame in ruining our future.

We cannot be people of yesterday.

We are of today and for the future.

Have a nice week ahead 🙂

Defying the Limits (I’ve Set For Myself)

And I don’t want to be the person who always looks back and asks myself,

What/Who could have I been?

Time to STEP OUT



time to BE ALIVE!

Rock on!


Joy Comes In The Morning!


 PSALM 30:11-12

“You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,

that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever.

David is known to be a man after God’s own heart. He is close to God because he opens his heart before the Lord in all honesty. He admitted to committing adultery and murder (when confronted by prophet Nathan) and all of his other sins before the Lord without any pretensions. He is candid in what he feels – being sad, dismayed, broken, afraid or weary. This is why God delights in him, for he is able to show and bare his true self when he comes before the Lord. He is a king then but he didn’t hesitate being humble before the Lord when he needed Him. Chapter 30 of the book of Psalms is a song David made for the Lord where he goes to say that the Lord answered him in his cry for help and has turned his wailing into joy. What resonated with me here is when David asked of the Lord of what good does it make of his destruction or going down to the pit. (verse 9) It is as if David is reasoning with the Lord to help him because in that lowly state of his, he will not be able to give glory to the Lord. As he continues to ask in verse 9, will the dust praise the Lord or proclaim of his faithfulness?

I have been there in that moment of my life where it’s as if joy was totally sucked out of me. I have no excitement in waking up everyday and seeing the same things over and over. I have to get through the day and just feeling there wouldn’t be anything good in store for me. I dread the night because it makes me more lonely, so what I would do instead is watch endlessly videos and movies so that I’ll be able to sleep myself without crying. Months of me being like this passed and I am just turning into a perfect example of a zombie. Walking and living but DEAD inside. My sadness swallowed me until I become insecure, bitter, ungrateful, resentful, angry and empty. It was really hard and painful. (Looking back at myself right now as I type this, I couldn’t help but to feel bad for my old self and what I had to go through) I knew in all of me that I want to change and be happy again, but I can’t! I just can’t be happy again like before and this failure makes me sadder.


I tried everything I could and nothing worked. NOTHING. Except for one thing, that is to call on to GOD. But I didn’t want to do this, because I have distanced myself from the Lord. To be honest, during that time, I resented the Lord. I blamed everything I am going through in Him. I was angry at Him for allowing me to be in that moment of my life. But one day I just gave up! I just couldn’t really take it anymore. And friends, if there’s one thing in life where giving up is equivalent to winning, that is Giving Up and Surrendering to the Lord! I stayed up late one night and just cried and talked to the Lord of what I am truly feeling and how sorry I am for all I did and how I wanted to be the person He has always called me. I prayed and the Lord answered my cry of help!


But I knew it wasn’t an overnight thing. I had to do something in my part. I decided to change my habits, my thinking, the inclinations of my heart, to repent on my sins. I became physically active and restrained myself from frequent Internet usage. I decided to become happy and the Lord is with me through all of this! This was not easy as it sounds my friends. I have to overhaul my whole habits and lifestyle just so I can change! Old habits die hard they say… True, but it doesn’t mean it’s not doable. We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength! (Philippians 4:13) One by one, day by day, changes happened and even my family noticed it! The Lord restored me! I go to bed excited for tomorrow’s adventure. I am finally LIVING, and this time in God’s will! Like with King David, the Lord has removed my sackcloth – my lamenting/wailing phase – and has clothed me with joy!


My friend, do not think this will not happen or will not apply to you. I have the same thinking back then. But YOU ARE NOT too low to be saved, not too far to be reached, not too sinful to be cleansed, not too proud to be humbled and not too unlovable to still be loved. I am telling you this, do not listen to anything that’s stopping you right now but listen only to the voice of the Lord. You know it, you feel it, you are being pulled to pray and speak to him. Do not resist, seize this time and talk to Him for He is truly WAITING TO HEAR YOU TELL HIM EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO SAY. He will listen and not judge. He will comfort and not leave you hanging. He is not like us humans that will disappoint or betray you. Don’t mistake Him for someone who has done you wrong, who just used you then left you, someone who has broken you.. He is not that.. Trust me in this, but TRUST HIM MORE 🙂


I pray Father, for anyone today who has read this post or is currently reading it and is suffering or struggling right now, may your love find them and embrace them. Fill their hearts with your love that You alone can satisfy. Not their earthly possessions, their cars, their jobs, their titles or glories, their attainments, their partners, their beauty, their money, their intellect – anything that builds up their ego or pride, none of this can ever make them happy. I pray Father that you move them to pray from the bottom of their hearts and confess to you what they truly feel, for it is only in this manner that they can be forgiven and release forgiveness – too others and also, to themselves. May you soften their hearts, remove any strongholds, and surround them with your love. This I pray, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ alone, Amen!


If you wish to share your story/struggles/victory, do not hesitate to do so. My blog is all for inspiring, giving hope and love to everyone. 🙂

She Meets Light


And a new light shines

a new light arises

one she has never seen before

one she has been waiting for

across the room, through the window

right through her soul

right through her body.

She awakes from her sleep

she awakes from her ‘consciousness’

and she vows

never again,

to sleep while living

never again,

to sleep in a dream

to dream in a dream

to awake in an endless dream;

but to see while living

to behold while seeing

to live not in her dreams

but to live in the present,

in her present,

and to await for the light everyday,

because in the light there is no darkness.

And she

will never be again,

who she was

before the light.