To do your part or To do your best?


I went back and forth on this thought for most of my adult life thinking I should only choose one over the other. It was one fateful day that it struck me, there are moments when I have to do my part and there are times that I have to do my best.

To do your part is to do something that is required of you to succeed or accomplish a goal or task. To put effort in areas or things you have control over, to actually put in strength, to actually risk or just simply, to start doing something. This entails initiating and acting upon the call of the work. It means doing something even when you don’t feel like it, when you are starting to get jealous/insecure with your friend’s life/career, when you are beginning to point fingers at whose fault it is you’re life is this miserable when you know the finger should’ve been pointed at you. It’s the getting your ass on the field, ‘dirtying’ your hands on the toilet, burning the midnight oil, and of course I don’t mean these literally but you get the point: Sweat or bleed for something you want to have. Do your part.

To do your best is to put in energy, time, self more than what one can or is asked of. It’s going the extra mile when you are just expected to run a meter. It’s going out of your way to do the job, it’s putting love and passion in the equation, it’s being ‘reeaallyy gooood’ at what you do. Now of course, doing your best doesn’t always mean you’ll succeed, win, or things be going in your favor. Honey, this is not the point here at all. To do one’s best is to push yourself beyond the limit, and later, to look back in your life and be amazed at what you have proven to yourself. To do one’s best of course presupposes you are already doing your part of the work. For how could you do your best when you haven’t started anything at all?! Silly :p

With all this hanash, I guess the message I’m trying to get across, is for you my dear readers, to be able to determine what stage or phase or moment you are currently in right now. Are you in a rut, or perhaps having a writer’s block in life, or just simply bored to death? Or maybe you are doing something but have not gone all the way with it, or mediocrity is creeping in your work as time passes by? Take a deep look in your life right now and the things you do and ask yourself this: Right now, should I be doing my part or should I be doing my best? The answer wouldn’t be that complicated. It might be that you should be doing both or doing one before the other. As soon as the answer becomes crystal clear, commit to yourself these changes you want to be done.

My lovely chums, I hope this have helped you in some ways. God bless! ❤ 🙂

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credits to Natalya Rashevskaya


There will always be those people who are ‘not for you.’ And that is completely okay…

Because you are always reminded, that there are those who rooted for you right from the very beginning – those who believed with you in your dreams, those who rejoiced with you in your triumphs, and those who stood by with you no matter WHAT.

Fight the good fight… for them.

If you can no longer for yourself, do it for them. They too, are your strength.

If you are thinking of someone right now, be sure to say how thankful you are for them! Thank you and happy day ahead 😉


Changing and Knowing Thyself


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In the world we live in today, where everything is fast paced and changing – lifestyles dictated and influenced heavily by media and social platforms – it is easy to be led astray and join the bandwagon. It is tempting to compare yourself on what you see on other peoples’ lives and be resentful of what or where you are right now. It is easy to “un-know” yourself. To think and be brainwashed to be someone society or media wants you to be. To later on look at your life in reflection and regret who you’ve become and what you’ve lost to be this person you don’t even recognize at all.

Au contraire, to know oneself does not mean to stay who you are, where you are, without any desire for change or progress or maturity. It does not mean to stay stagnant or stunted or repellent to any change. But we need to ask ourselves: Do we change for the true meaning of the word, or do we just change to conform with what is trending, with what is the standard? Do we change just to become the stereotype? Do we change just to become the person we don’t want to be?

To know oneself is crucial to the desire for change. If you lose track of who you are, your core values and principles as a person, you are likely to change just for the sake of changing. You’ll change any minute you see someone better than you, someone who has these luxuries or privileges or status, or someone well off. You’ll change but you are not going anywhere near progress. You ‘changed’ but you’re still the same person – just dressed in another form or style.

To know oneself is to be grounded with what you believe in, with your principles and values, even when people around you are drifting you in different directions. When you really know yourself apart from what others expect of you, you’ll desire change but not because you want to conform. You want to change because you’ve finally realized you are ready to take another step of progress and maturity. You’ll want to change because you want to be the person better than who you are right now. Whether some may agree or not, it wouldn’t matter anymore because you know who you really are … you don’t need and allow people to label you, restrict you, brand you or cage you into stereotypes.

Then you’ll feel true happiness and freedom – for being able to express who you really are, for being able to live your life the way you want it, for being able to change to become the person who you really want to be. 🙂

Have a blessed week ahead! God loves you!!!

When ‘Being Strong’ is just really ‘Acting Tough’

We’ve all been there.

There are moments in our lives that we wish we hadn’t done, words we shouldn’t have said, choices we should have not picked, persons we shouldn’t have trusted, opportunities we shouldn’t have wasted, things we shouldn’t have taken for granted. We have all in the “been there, done that” phase and we regret it over and over again.

In our road to regaining our self-esteem, to being on track where we should be heading, to be focused again on our destination, we have promised ourselves numerous times that “This time I’ll be strong,” “I won’t let it happen again.” NEVER AGAIN.

The fire within us to never make the same mistake again because as the old adage says “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” leads us into this defensive position where we ought to always look out for ourselves only, to trust no one, and that to be weak is to lose again. To have a pure, innocent, compassionate, forgiving heart is unacceptable. And so we let the membrane of our hearts freeze into cold fortresses that no one could ever enter. We built walls so tall and strong that we ourselves forgot how to tear it down and see that we are not alone in this world.

It is in this time that we discover we are not really being strong… we are just acting tough.

We think we are being strong when truthfully we are faking it… we are just acting the part.

We hate to admit in ourselves that we are really softhearted and kind.

We forgive and forget. We overlook past wrongs and give second chances… that we choose to remember no more.

We love dearly and we forgive sincerely.

We feel what others feel, we sympathize, we care… we choose to care.

We love and we treasure.

We remember, we cherish and we immortalize.

But, don’t we just hate that! Don’t we just refuse to be that person anymore!

So, we change ourselves to be the ever hateful and vengeful witches and princes in fairy tales and vow to make anyone who wronged us suffer. We cut off people in our lives, we tend to be alone more often, we find it hard to trust people, and we no longer believe that good things will still come… we become stunted.

Worse, we become cowards, hiding behind the curtains of our rooms satisfied with the light of the lamp on our table when the sun is out there shining its brightest for us. We act out our fears and raise high our defenses to anyone we encounter. We refuse to resolve our issues and instead pick out on others. We try to prove ourselves daily because we think this will redeem us. We boss others around to feel superior because to go down in their level means to relate to them, to open up, to be transparent – and that we vow never to do again.

How sad it is that we punish ourselves for simply being human. For being innately kind, loving and trusting. We torment ourselves for that one past mistake that we did all because we loved, we opened up, we trusted.. all because we are just being ourselves at that moment… all because we are just being human capable of erring.

To be strong is really to know oneself. Once we acknowledge who we really are and be reconciled with it, there’s no force in the world that can take us down, no amount of doubt that will make us stumble. Our knowledge of ourselves makes us sturdy as our place in this world. Likewise, acknowledging that we are tenderhearted and kind – is what really makes us into the strongest version of ourselves. 🙂


pic credit to McD22

A Toast. To You. To Me.

YOONIQ Images_Bicycle riding in holidays_YkRiRGY

To long lost dreams, passion, emotion, affection.

To those sacrificed, put away, ignored, surrendered, left, and hung out to dry.

To those moments of awakening and suffering, and the cycle of it.

To memories cherished and forgotten.

To people loved and hold dear.

To sweet beginnings and bitter endings.

To looking at life at a different perspective.

To being brave.

To continue trying.

To continue loving.

To continue believing.

To knowing that there are beautiful things and persons yet to discover and meet.

To courage and selflessness.

To giving a part of yourself to one person at a time.

And to continue to do so.

To the hope that fills you and embraces you.

To doing everything Still and In Spite.

To You. To me.

A Toast.

Two Sides Of The Coin


For every fancy ride you make, there’s a child who wants to take your place.

For every burger bite you take, there’s a beggar who has nothing to eat.

For every pair of shoes you buy, there’s a man who walks with crutches on his side.

For every splendid house you build, there’s a woman sleeping on the street.

For every wine and beer you drink, there’s a newborn baby who hungers for milk.

For every purchase of expensive clothes, there’s an elderly without a blanket for cold.

For every degree you get from school, there’s a poor kid wishing to be enrolled.

For every movie you watch on Saturday night, there’s a lass who has never seen a film in her life.

For every occupation you have, there’s a lad tired of looking for a job.

For every money you spend for luxury, there’s a family living in poverty.

For every sports car you drive along the way, there’s a girl without a doll to play.

For every parent you have at home, there’s a boy with no one to call his own.

For every fine jewelry you wear, there’s a toddler without a teddy bear.

For every healthy infant you deliver, there’s a couple longing for a baby on their shoulders.

For every loving person you now cherish, there’s someone crying from broken relationships.

For every chance to perform just any action, there’s a person who isn’t free inside the prison.

And for every gift to hear, speak and move, and see, there’s a blind deformed fellow who considers you lucky.

Therefore, for everything that comes to you,

Be contented and thank the Lord;

For somewhere out there,

Is a brother who is less fortunate than anybody else in the World.


*Just want to share this beautiful poem I found on my brother’s stuff as I was cleaning up the cabinet. A very good reminder indeed to be grateful and contented for what has been entrusted to us and for what we treasure/enjoy at any moment. We sometimes take things for granted and realize their worth only when it’s gone. If we have been given the opportunity to bless people who are less fortunate than us, that is awesome! If not, we could at least show our gratitude by being good stewards. Refrain from complaining and comparing ourselves with other people. Refrain from envying others and thus failing to see the treasures/blessings we do possess. Pause, observe, share, bless, give, encourage… And remember always to look up and say to Him, “Thank You!”  🙂

What You Want Done In Your Name

“Shall I be remembered for mediocrity and ‘what could have been of her’?

Shall I just live my life under the shadows of my failures and misdeeds?

Shall I waste my life and trade the ever present hope of change and improvement with the despair that fills me and haunts me?

Shall I give up and succumb to grief while the world awaits me in my awakening and promise of bringing hope and change?

Do I really just want to be forgotten?

Do I really just want to waste my time and my life wallowing in being rejected?

I want to accomplish great tasks and do great things.

I want to be relevant, valuable and purposeful.

But I also want to remember that greatness starts by accomplishing first the small things.”

Make a decision to change, move on, and never look back.

What the past may have branded you with is of no value.

Stand up strong, reach for the stars and start fulfilling your destiny.

Start small. Continue with small. Until you look back and see how far you have come.

Greatness is already within you. Run my dear, and seize the world. 🙂

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